Hot of the Press December 2019

We have collated a collection of great articles and material published within the last month. Click on the links below for more including abstracts, main findings full articles to download and videos.

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology

Prevalence and Risk Factors

  • Axillary web syndrome among Chilean women with breast cancer: incidence and possible predisposing factors – abstract and main findings


  • Comparisons of Manual Tape Measurement and Morphomics Measurement of Patients with Upper Extremity Lymphedema – main findings and read full article
  • GOG 244 -The LymphEdema and Gynecologic cancer (LEG) study: The association between the gynecologic cancer lymphedema questionnaire (GCLQ) and lymphedema of the lower extremity (LLE) – abstract and main findings
  • Resource Overutilization in the Diagnosis of Lymphedema Praecox – abstract and main findings
  • Test–Retest Reliability of Volume and Local Tissue Water Measurements in Lower Limbs of Healthy Women and Men – abstract and main findings
  • Heat‐related changes in skin tissue dielectric constant (TDC) – abstract
  • Efficacy of Ultrasound and Shear Wave Elastography for the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema – abstract

Management Strategies