The Lymphedema Patient Symposium

September 28, 2019
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School
Hosted by the BIDMC Lymphatic Center

THE PURPOSE OF THIS SYMPOSIUM: This symposium was focused on specific medical challenges relating to not only physical limitations but emotional stress, cellulitis, diet, and surgical options that are available for patients. This patient focused event provided numerous answers and hope to address the day to day challenge with lymphedema and other lymphatic disorders.

KEYNOTE: Living Through the Trials of Primary Lymphedema
Cam Ayala
LE&RN Ambassador

A number of other presentations are available from the conference at

  • Understanding Primary Lymphedema – Reid Maclellan, MD
  • Lipedema: An Undiagnosed Cause of Weight Loss Resistance – Aylah Clark, ND
  • How Does Lymphedema Effect Quality of Life? – Cheryl Brunelle, PT, CLT
  • Addressing the Emotional Stress of Living with a Chronic Disease – Leora Lowenthal, LICSW
  • Eating to Starve Lymphedema & Lipedema – Chuck Ehrlich, MS, MBA
  • Cellulitis & Wounds: What We Need to Know – George Perdrizet, MD, PhD
  • How Does the Lymphatic System Work? – Tim Padera, PhD
  • Compression Options & Best Practices (Representative of Jobst) – Julia Edwards