Hot of the Press April 2017

We have collated a collection of great articles and material published within the last month. Click on the links below for more including abstracts, main findings full articles to download and videos.


  • Test of Responsiveness and Sensitivity of the Questionnaire ‘‘Lymphedema Quality of Life Inventory’’ abstract and main findings
  • Design and evaluation of the psychometric properties of a self-questionnaire on patient adherence to wearing elastic compression stockings abstract and main findings
  • Diagnostic accuracy of bioimpedance spectroscopy in patients with lymphedema: A retrospective cohort analysis abstract and main findings
  • Early Assessment for Prevention of Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema abstract and main findings
  • Axillary web syndrome assessment using a self-assessment questionnaire: a prospective cohort study abstract and main findings
  • Prospective study of shoulder strength, shoulder range of motion, and lymphedema in breast cancer patients from pre-surgery to 5 years after ALND or SLNB abstract and main findings
  • Worldwide assessment of healthcare personnel dealing with lymphoedema abstract and main findings
  • Living with lymphoedema—the perspective of cancer patients: a qualitative study abstract and main findings

Management Strategies

  • Pilot Study: The Effectiveness of Complex Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema in Palliative Care Patients with Advanced Cancer abstract and main findings
  • Use of compression garments by women with lymphoedema secondary to breast cancer treatment abstract and main findings