Hot of the Press October 2017

We have collated some great articles and material published over the last month. Click on the links below for more including abstracts, main findings and full articles to download.

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology

  • Vascular Alterations in Axillary and Brachial Vessels in Patients with Axillary Web Syndrome After Breast Cancer Surgery (abstract and main findings)
  • A vicious circle in chronic lymphoedema pathophysiology? An adipocentric view (abstract and main findings)
  • Indocyanine Green Lymphographic and Lymphoscintigraphic Findings in Genital Lymphedema—Genital Pathway Score (abstract and main findings)
  • Lymphatic mapping of the upper limb with lymphedema before lymphatic supermicrosurgery by mirroring of the healthy limb (abstract and main findings)

Prevalence and Risk Factors


Management Strategies

  • A meta-analysis of the effectiveness and safety of kinesiology taping in the management of cancer-related lymphoedema (abstract and main findings)
  • Lymphedema Leads to Fat Deposition in Muscle and Decreased Muscle/Water Volume After Liposuction: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study (abstract and main findings)
  • Systematic review of lymphovenous anastomosis (LVA) for the treatment of lymphedema (abstract and main findings)
  • Chronic Effects of Resistance Training in Breast Cancer Survivors (abstract and main findings)