Actionable tips for exercising into later life

Regular physical activity is essential for managing lymphoedema, especially as we age. With both conditions prevalent in our society, this podcast delves into the potential benefits of exercise and explores various types of physical activity.

BBC Radio 4 podcast “Just One Thing”

In this special edition of the BBC Radio 4 podcast “Just One Thing,” host Michael Mosley engages in conversation with leading health experts, including Marie Murphy, Professor of Exercise and Health at Ulster University. As a prominent figure in the field of physical fitness and a key advisor on UK physical activity guidelines, Professor Murphy shares invaluable insights.

Listeners will discover Professor Murphy’s top tips for achieving maximum fitness with minimal effort. Is exercising in short bouts more beneficial? Why is building muscle after 30 crucial? And could simple changes in walking habits significantly impact our lives?

As part of the “Just One Thing” series, Michael concludes the interview by asking Professor Murphy for her single most effective health hack for staying in shape.

BBC Radio 4 podcast “Just One Thing,” host Michael Mosley