Exercise and Physical Activity
Every Minute Counts!

Exercise is a cornerstone for managing lymphoedema but it is sometimes difficult to stay motivated to meet the recommended exercise guidelines. New thinking suggests that short bursts of exercise contribute to the overall benefit.

In the Summer 2019 edition of Canada’s Lymphedema Magazine Pathways an excellent article by Kevin Repato, Personal Trainer and Margie McNeely, Physical Therapist explores physical activity guidelines.

“The new thinking is that, when it comes to physical activity, everything counts, even short bursts of exercise. The message now is to seek out any and all opportunities to move during the day and add in short bursts of higher intensity activity. For example, you could walk more briskly to a meeting or take the stairs to add short bursts of exercise into your day.”

Read full article: Exercise and Physical Activity – Every Minute Counts by Kevin Repato and Margie McNeely

How about motivating your clients by getting them to track their steps?

Many people have smartwatches, GPS trackers and fitness trackers but if not it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and a simple pedometer can make the difference.

Wearing a pedometer is an effective motivator to encourage you to get up and get active.

Pedometers available from Lymphactive

Easy to use
Keeping track of your steps with Lymphactive Pedometer is simple and manageable. Just clip it on your waist and go.

Counting every step you take
The Lymphactive Pedometer is a great way to record your steps and keep you motivated.

Walking tips

Read some great tips to help get your clients walking with a downloadable flyer on walking benefits and tips to distribute to your clients – https://lymphoedemaeducation.com.au/2017/03/staying-active-lets-go-walking/

Pathways Summer 2019 edition also had an article on aquatic exercise training and lymphoedema. This article explores the unique creation of an aquatic gym. A 70kg person weighs only 7kg when immersed at neck deep water level.

“At this facility there are bikes, treadmills, steps, trampolines, floating boards, aquapoles, training cage, boxing bags and fit-lights for neuro muscular training. People of all ages and fitness levels train together.”