Therapy for lipedema

Incorporating new clinical guidelines

Therapy for lipedema. Incorporating new clinical guidelines

In November 2020 Lymphoedema Education Solutions published  an article about the new European consensus document on lipoedema. This included a copy of an excellent interview with Tobias Bertsch that was published in the Canadian Lymphoedema Frameworks Pathways publication.

Interview with Tobias Bertsch

This has been followed by an article published in the Winter 2020 Pathways publication written by Guenter Klose. This article explores guidelines for the treatment of PURE lipedema. He highlights the importance of not only treating the physical symptoms s but also the psychological issues that are often associated with the condition.

Treatment is around 6 pillar of interdisciplinary care as shown in the figure below.

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Originally published in Pathways, (Winter 2020) Copyright 2020, Canadian Lymphedema Framework, Reprinted with permission.