Resources for Lymphoedema

There are number of useful resources available online you just need to know where to look. To save you time Lymphoedema Education Solutions is compiling a list of resources from various reputable organisations. Check out what is available so far.

Cancer Australia Top 10 best practices for people with metastatic breast cancer

Prolonged survival, effective management of symptoms and the best possible quality of life are the goals of a national Statement by Cancer Australia for people living with metastatic breast cancer.

The Cancer Australia Statement: Influencing best practice in the metastatic breast cancer list ten practices (appropriate and inappropriate) to influence and enhance best practice metastatic breast cancer across Australia.

The Australasian Lymphology Association Board recently endorsed a formal position statement and position paper on the early detection of breast cancer-related lymphoedema. The position statement is supported by a comprehensive, evidence based, position paper of the same name.

ALA Position Statement on Early Detection of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphoedema 2019

ALA Position Paper on Early Detection of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphoedema 2019