Hot of the Press August 2019

We have collated some great articles and material published over the last month. Click on the links below for more including abstracts, main findings and full articles to download.

Anatomy / Physiology /Pathophysiology

  • A Comparison of Symptoms Among Patients with Head and Neck or Truncal Lymphedema and Normal Controls – abstract and main findings


  • At what point can I lift things? Women’s satisfaction with lymphoedema prevention information after breast cancer surgery – abstract and main findings
  • Lymphoedema therapists: a national and international survey – main findings and download paper
  • The diagnostic unreliability of classic physical signs of lymphedema – abstract and main findings
  • Lipedema and Dercum’s Disease: A New Application of Bioimpedance – abstract and main findings
  • What is the best method to determine excessive arm volume in patients with breast cancer–related lymphoedema in clinical practice? Reliability, time efficiency and clinical feasibility of five different methods – abstract and main findings
  • Utilization of bioelectrical impedance analysis for detection of lymphedema in breast Cancer survivors: a prospective cross sectional study – main findings and download paper
  • The utilisation of prospective surveillance with bioelectrical impedance for early detection and instigation of treatment for breast cancer-related lymphoedema – main findings and download paper
  • Reliability of the MoistureMeterD Compact Device and the Pitting Test to Evaluate Local Tissue Water in Subjects with Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema – abstract and main findings
  • Understanding the acceptability and feasibility of a regional lymphoedema surveillance programme: a pilot study – main findings and download paper
  • Postural Stability in Patients with Lower Limb Lymphedema – abstract and main findings

Prevalence and Risk Factors

Management Strategies