Lymphoedema films

Produced by: PocketMedic for Lymphoedema Network Wales Framework

A series of films is now available for the support of lymphoedema patients in managing their chronic disease.

The films are created by courtesy of the Lymphoedema Network Wales Framework and are produced by PocketMedic, a digital platform that allows clinicians in primary, secondary or community care to send film-based prescriptions to patients to help manage their chronic disease. The films can be watched on mobile phones, tablets or PCs.

The films are designed to help people understand what is happening to them and how they can start to work with their clinicians to play a greater role in self-managing their health. Peer-to-peer sharing of experiences along with explanations from medical experts are used to help engage the audience. Language is straight forward, the environment and style is relaxed and homely, and graphic illustration makes thing clear – and sometimes even makes you smile!

Please access the videos via the links below:

Lymphoedema General

Lymphoedema Education


Reducing the Risk

Children & Young People

Click here for a leaflet which we invite you to share with patients and other health care professionals