Hot of the Press December 2018

We have collated some great articles and material published over the last month. Click on the links below for more including abstracts, main findings and full articles to download.

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology

  • Plantar lymphatic network – abstract
  • Biomarkers Associated with Lymphedema and Fibrosis in Patients with Cancer of the Head and Neck – abstract and main findings
  • Patterns of lymphatic drainage after axillary node dissection impact arm lymphoedema severity: A review of animal and clinical imaging studies – abstract and main findings


  • Tissue dielectric constant ratios as a method to characterize truncal lymphedema – abstract
  • Spatial and Temporal Variability of Upper Extremity Edema Measures After Breast Cancer Surgery – abstract and main findings

Management Strategies

  • Does the speed of aquatic therapy exercise alter arm volume in women with breast cancer related lymphoedema? A cross-over randomized controlled trial – abstract and main findings
  • The Effectiveness of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression in Therapy of Lymphedema of Lower Limbs: Methods of Evaluation and Results – abstract and main findings