Lymphoedema: A guide for clinical services

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI)  – Published date: September 2018


The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) has developed Lymphoedema: A guide for clinical services to identify best-practice management of lymphoedema as shown in the following seven principles.

Principle 1: Early identification, education and monitoring of patients at risk of lymphoedema

Principle 2:  Identification, assessment and diagnosis of lymphoedema by a trained  health professional

Principle 3: Patient-centred education to enable self-management of lymphoedema

Principle 4: Comprehensive treatment tailored to patient needs and clinical reasoning

Principle 5: Correct provision of compression garments according to clinical recommendations

Principle 6:  Effective management of lymphoedema-associated cellulitis, including prevention of recurrence

Principle 7: Effective response to inpatients with lymphoedema

Executive summary

This document will provide guidance for local health districts (LHDs), speciality health networks (SHNs) and health professionals to support optimal care for people affected by lymphoedema across NSW. Early identification is essential for effective lymphoedema management. Accurate assessment should be accompanied by individualised care plans with appropriate, evidence-based treatments. Developing comprehensive integrated lymphoedema services that identify people at risk will enhance timely and responsive treatment. This will enable people to remain active, self-manage their condition and reduce the likelihood of complications. This guide for best practice in lymphoedema management aims to raise awareness of the condition and improve outcomes for people living with or at risk of lymphoedema in NSW.

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