Obesity Care Resources

International Obesity Collaborative

The International Obesity Collaborative (IOC) is a worldwide initiative dedicated to tackling the challenge of obesity on a global level. With representation from 12 international organizations, including the Obesity Medicine Association, the IOC aims to heighten awareness, exchange best practices, and implement impactful interventions for the global management of obesity.

Consensus Statement

The IOC has formulated a consensus statement emphasizing the distinction between obesity care and weight loss. A fundamental principle is that obesity care focuses on health rather than just weight, with weight loss being merely one outcome of comprehensive obesity care.

Obesity Pillars Journal

Obesity Pillars® is an open-access online-only journal published by the Obesity Medicine Association in collaboration with Elsevier. It is dedicated to publishing evidence-based research for health care clinicians in the field of obesity medicine. Obesity Pillars® serves as a resource to assist clinicians to deliver patient-centered obesity medicine care in alignment with the OMA’s four pillars of obesity treatment: 

  • Nutrition Therapy 
  • Physical Activity 
  • Behavioural Modification 
  • Medical Interventions 

Obesity Podcasts

International Obesity Collaborative have a number of interesting podcast. 

EduWeight: Weight Management for Adult Patients with Chronic Disease

The Centre for Health, Exercise & Sports Medicine (CHESM) at the University of Melbourne has released a new online education program ‘EduWeight: Weight Management for Adult Patients with Chronic Disease’. The program is available free-of-charge at this time to all users (e.g. physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, other health professionals, educators, researchers). 

Learn about weight management  and how to optimally discuss weight with adult patients  that live with chronic disease (including osteoarthritis) and overweight or obesity.  

The online modules you will access cover: 

  1. Links between obesity and chronic disease, and the benefits of weight loss 
  2. Overview of weight regulation, overweight and obesity 
  3. Examining weight stigma and personal beliefs about weight 
  4. Communication approaches for addressing weight management 
  5. Interventions for weight management 
  6. Health behaviour change support 

Obesity Canada

Obesity Canada has several useful resources including a free open course. 

5As of Obesity Management

Obesity Canada’s 5As of Obesity Management program was designed as a step-by-step framework for busy non-specialists who manage obesity in their patients. 

Introduction to Obesity Course

Who it’s for: 

Physicians and allied health professionals who are seeking to gain a basic understanding of obesity care. 

Structure and time investment: 

4 online introductory modules outlining the basic principles of obesity as a chronic disease, clinical assessment, and evidence-based treatments. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete the program. 

Prerequisites: None. 


Check out the resources at  Resources – Obesity Canada 

Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice guidelines https://obesitycanada.ca/guidelines/