Farrow Garment Grip

Looking outside the square

Garment grip is made up of neoprene, nylon and spandex and is latex-free. The neoprene which gives it the ‘grip’ and is against the skin, is breathable making it comfortable to wear. Each roll comes with several Velcro tabs.

Sizing options:

  • 10cmx60cm (arm)
  • 14cmx80cm (thigh)
  • 14cmx120cm (thigh long)
  • 14cmx550cm (thigh extra long)
  • 20cmx120cm (wide)
  • 30cmx150cm (extra wide)

How to use GarmentGrip

To hold garments up.

Wrap GarmentGrip around the top of the garment so there is up to 50% on the skin and 50% on the garment. Depending on the severity less of the GarmenGrip on the skin may be indicated.

It can also assist with reducing slippage when the garment gets too big due to oedema reduction. This is short term until a new garment is available.

For legs the common size is 14cm, but the 20cm and 30cm can also be useful for bigger thighs.

For arms 10cm width

Extra compression on back of the hand. The GarmentGrip 10cm width can be cut in a similar way to Coban 2 bandaging and be wrapped on top of a compression garment. It is very thin so has a low profile. Always check that there are no issues with circulation after this is applied.

For extra compression over garments and wraps.

Head and neck oedema. Cut a strip and wrap under the chin and fasten on the top of the head with the Velcro strip.

For scrotal oedema in the palliative care setting. Attach GarmentGrip around the waist and then attach a sling under the scrotum and attach to the waistband.

Chest wall oedema. Some have added a strip under the arm on the lateral chest wall and attached it to their bra to add extra compression.

For lobules use the Farrow short stretch bandage


  • Join length of GarmentGrip together with the Velcro tabs.
  • Cut Velcro tabs to use for smaller areas.

For any questions on the product or ordering please get in touch with Susie Evans from Essity on 0437 764 751 or Susie.evans@essity.com