Oedema Differential Diagnosis

This session will demystify the differential diagnosis of oedema and provide you with a clinical road map

This workshop is a must for all health professionals. Oedema is a common presentation and may impact on management choices. It’s essential that health professionals establish the cause of a patient’s oedema before proceeding with treatment.

This workshop will explore the differential diagnosis of lymphoedema compared with other causes of oedema. It will also explore when you should refer on or seek extra medical assistance.


No prior lymphoedema qualification is required.

This course is offered to all Medical Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Podiatrists, Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapy Assistants, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Nursing students and students undertaking health professional qualifications.


Dr Susan Hodson is an inspirational educator and an experienced GP who gained experience in the field of Lymphoedema while working at Mercy Lymphoedema Clinic, from March 2003 – Nov 2007.

As medical officer at the Lymphoedema Services, Ballarat Health she is involved in clinical assessment of the index condition (Lymphoedema), and assessment of co-morbidities, which impact on management and treatment, for more complex patients attending the clinic.

Non-clinical responsibilities are in the areas of education at all levels (patients, community and professional) and research. Susan has attended, and presented at, national and international conferences on lymphoedema. She is interested in the overlap between lymphoedema and oedema in obesity.

Course objectives

On completion of this workshop you will:

    • Identify causes oedema compared with lymphedema.
    • Recognise the clinical tests to assist with diagnosis
    • Establish a diagnostic approach that will assist you making the correct management choices for your clients

Registration fee

The registration fee includes:

  • Course material on the face to face study day.
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch

Expression of interest

Workshop locations will be organised depending on demand. If you are interested in a workshop in your state, its essential you register your interest. Let you colleagues know about the possibility of these workshops. There are minimum numbers that need to be reached before a workshop will proceed. Fill in the form below to register your interest.