Getting a grip on adherence and lymphoedema management

The Level 2 (Advanced Lymphoedema Course) has two open sessions. They are available as continuing professional development sessions for lymphoedema practitioners.

Course 1:            Vascular disorders – assessment, management and their impact on the lymphatic system and lymphoedema management– read more here

Course 2:            Getting a grip on adherence and lymphoedema management

Course 2

Getting a grip on adherence and lymphoedema management


These courses are open to registered health professionals only (Division 1 Nurses, Medical Practitioners, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists). Participants must have successfully completed a Level 1 (Basic) lymphoedema course or equivalent that meets the ALA Level 1 course guidelines and had a minimum of 1 year experience (half time) of treating clients with lymphoedema. Numbers are limited.

Session Structure

Distance Learning Module

The distance learning component is included via the Lymphoedema Educations Solutions (LES) online management system.

The face to face sessions are designed to build on your prior learning and provide you with an active learning experience.

Face to face Module

Dissemination of information and skills is via lectures, activities, practical workshops and group discussion


Lesley Pugh

Lesley (Practice Nurse) has worked and has gained experience in many areas of general practice including, wound care, immunisation, pap smear provider, health assessments and care plans. Her passion for patient compliance is in the area of chronic disease. When there is compliance in treatment the impact of the disease decreases for the patient as well as the burden on our health care system.

Course objectives

At the end of the session the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe what motivational interviewing is and its role in the management of someone with lymphoedema.
  2. Describe the steps of readiness for change in someone with a chronic disorder such as lymphoedema.
  3. Explore issues around health literacy which may impact compliance of care in chronic disease management/ lymphoedema.
  4. Recognise how ready the client is for change.
  5. Explore motivational interviewing and how it can assist in the management of someone with lymphoedema.
  6. Compare techniques that will motivate clients with lymphoedema to adhere to treatment.

Registration fee

The registration fee includes:

  • Access to the comprehensive LES online Learning Management System which provides an interactive and collaborative environment;
  • Course handouts for the face to face component;
  • Lunch and afternoon tea.

Expression of interest

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