Essity – compression for breast oedema

Bellisse Bra and pads – With the integration of JoViPak products into the JOBST portfolio, Essity is providing additional effective ‘tools” to help patients live their lives as independently as possible.

Bellisse bra

Bellisse bras are a medical compression garment that facilitates drainage of excess lymphatic fluid in the chest and breast area following breast cancer and other truncal surgeries.

  • Gentle compression of the torso while directing the excess lymphatic load to alternate pathways
  • The use of specialty pads is simplified by addressing the specific areas of breast oedema or chest wall fibrosis
  • Available in a large range of sizes, with unprecedented adjustability: a front zipper for ease of donning and a variable position back closure – allowing for optimal fit
  • The unique, non-restrictive design is comfortable, day and night, and aids in pain reduction and swelling following surgery

Jovipak pads

Jovipak pads are important in the management of pitting oedema and/ or fibrosis resulting from surgery or radiation.

  • Provides alternating high and low pressure, creating a massage effect
  • Helps to reduce oedema reduce as well as address and prevent fibrosis
  • Very useful in treatment of breast, chest wall, genital and head and neck lymphoedema
  • Available in both black and buff variants and a number of sizes ranging from small to extra large

Download the brochure for further information including sizes and codes

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